• 30 Day Satisfaction Terms. You are NOT responsible for ETF if you cancel within 30 days from activation. You MUST pay for Time of Service from activation until cancellation.

  • 1 Year Plan: If you cancel for any reason after 30 days from activation then the penalty is $150.00 cancellation fee for your Service plan. Until you cancel service in writing you will be responsible for all charges.

  • Device Fee: If you cancel service within 6 months from receipt of device and did not pay for your device upfront then you must return the device and packaging in good original condition to avoid a non-return fee. If you fail to return the device the Non-Return Device Fee is $199.99

  • Extended Warranty: $2.99 auto enrolled ensures replacement of device at no cost; or call Customer Service to opt out and pay $99.00 to replace device if it ever stops working.

  • DISCLAIMER – speeds slowed to unlimited 128 kbps once Rate Plan’s data allotment is reached